Imperfectly perfect upcycled furniture, I am all about authentic vintage and upcycled chic pieces that tell a story and make a statement. Recycled and upcycled, our eco-friendly furniture and one off pieces that I find mix quirky personal style and functional design for your home. I have spent many years finding and restoring old furniture, which I love to upcycle and restore into my own style and unique creations with a bit of paint and imagination. I love to sand, paint and restyle something old to give it a new lease on life and as I am obsessed with Organics, I love to put my own twist on something used which I’ve saved from potentially becoming landfill. I treat all my furniture pieces with love and often once restored find it extremely hard to part with.

Old furniture is often discarded or dismissed as aged, ugly or out of date but these pieces are generally solidly made and beautifully crafted. They also tell a tale of the past and carry their own history with them which I think is priceless. Contact 0414 243 643 if you would like me to find you an imperfectly perfect piece of furniture to upcycle or if you have found a treasure you would like to be restored, or email at

Upcycled Furniture Gallery

Industrial Tabe Before

Industrial Table Before

Industrial Table After

Industrial Table After