Bathrooms are right up at the top of the list with kitchens as the best rooms in the house to renovate.   When it comes to well-appointed bathrooms, it's not how much space you have that counts but how you make the most of it.  We all dream of a beautiful bathroom at home that combines luxury, sophistication, glamour and practicality.  A simple refresh was not possible here and a total rethink is what was ultimately needed to transition from drab to dramatic.  Taking inspiration from the rich character and ornate ceiling detail, the design for this bathroom marries the simplicity and style of a classically timeless white palette with silver.  Sparkly accents and cool metal finishes ensure that even the smallest space feels open and airy.  The renovation of this existing bath offered an opportunity to carve out a little space designated for pampering, primping and rejuvenation.  As the start of our client's day is frenetic, it was my hope that her evening rituals offer more time for her to enjoy the finer details of the bath design.

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