We create soulful spaces that combine beauty, comfort, and functionality, as well as a feast for the senses. From concept to development and creation of a personalised mood board, the design, scale drawings
and the sourcing of products, fittings, finishes, lighting and furniture.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

  • Interior Design & Decoration - Design Divine can come into your home and help you choose the right colours, soft furnishing and furniture to suit your style and budget. We also work with clients to customise the look of their space with their own vintage/recycled treasures.
  • Home Decor & Styling - Offering specialised styling solutions and using quality designer ranges and recycled furniture we ensure you will achieve a point of difference that will stand out and give your home or space the attention it deserves.
  • Colour Consulting - Design Divine helps you achieve colour schemes that match your personal tastes and lifestyle, whether you know what you want and need help to bring it to life, or have no idea and need some inspiration.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Associate member of the Design Institute of  Australia        

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Rosemary Platers

Rosemary graduated from Sydney Design School and a career spanning more than 20 years in fashion and design has left no stone unturned in getting the message of good, practical and beautiful design. From early days as a fashion and prop stylist for TV shows and magazines, so many ideas and an eye for design, her skills have a natural sense of style. Known for her focused attention to detail and her versatility with projects of all scope and size, Rosemary has tackled nearly every budget level and all kinds of demanding challenges. A passion for textiles and a finely-tuned mastery of colour are the hallmarks of Rosemary's look. A signature "Rosemary" space is realised when a mix of contemporary and antique upholstery and fine case goods are combined with luxurious fabrics and dressmakers details to create classically beautiful yet fresh interiors. Rosemary’s international perspective on design developed through a diverse portfolio of projects in Italy, Brazil and Greece.

Christiana Masina

With 15 years of experience and education in both business and interior design, Christiana has completed a Diploma in Interior Design, Business Management and a Bachelor of Business Degree. Qualified in both colour and interior decoration at the International School of Colour and Design and The Interior Design Institute, Christiana views her job in the world of design as a fluid evolution filled with new adventures and challenges at every junction. Known for her love of soft neutrals infused with carefully edited moments of bold colour and a thrifty vintage chic French-inspired devotion to true comfort, Christiana is happiest creating calm, yet family friendly interiors. With a serious admiration for one-of-a-kind vintage finds, Christiana loves mixing the new & the old, the high & the low, to create a balanced space with solid design credibility. As a child, Christiana was always busy with some sort of creative art, craft or DIY project and nothing has changed since.